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So, curiosity has gotten the better of you & here you are!

I am guessing you are full of questions about these amazing oils & how they can help you in your day to day life.

Well, that’s what I am here for, to support you & empower you in the use of essential oils.

So let’s dive in & get you started on your journey.

From here we will jump into choosing some oils to suit your need & then move on to teaching you how to safely use them in your everyday life.

You will receive access to all sorts of tools & information from both myself & doTERRA to help you on your way.

So lets get moving!!

Kristen Parlour doTERRA
Kristen Parlour doTERRA

The Journey

I am Kristen, a Mum of two to Charlie (9) and Ruby (6), I am also a Primary School Teacher with an Early Childhood speciality (and passion) an essential oil enthusiast.

But my biggest passion by far is for early childhood education and helping young children and their parents navigate those early years of schooling. Since Charlie, now 9 & in year 4 began school I began to seeit all from a different perspective and I found myself wanting to help others. We have run into our own challenges along this schooling journey that have helped me to see things from the other side of the fence.

As well as a passion for education I have a passion for supporting our bodies naturally, in particular using essential oils, and have been exploring the use of essential oils for a long time. I have always looked for alternatives but the pull to make our household as toxin free as possible was even stronger after having my own children.

Combining these two passions has been a work in progress and has resulted in the development of this website & some very exciting projects to come & I aim to be able to help us all a little bit more to make this schooling journey and the days prior to starting school a little easier.

Over time I will be building up a bank of activities here focusing moston fine and gross motor skills as well as early literacy and numeracy skills. I am hoping to help parents discover what it means for their child to be ‘school ready’, not just in their abilities but also from an emotional standpoint.

I would love for us to all be on this journey together, helping, nurturing and guiding each other x

What are the benefits of having your own doTERRA account?

  • 25% off retail for 12 months
  • Place your orders whenever you like with delivery direct to your door
  • Be eligible to take part in the Loyalty Rewards Program where you can receive free oils each month and earn product points
  • You will be a part of a supportive community where you can learn more about using your essential oils throughout the home

Whether you want to incorporate essential oils into your home for personal use, get some oils for free or even make some cash to supplement your income or perhaps replace it getting a wholesale account is the smartest and most effective choice.  Having a wholesale account is flexible you do not have to do what I am doing, but if you want to you can!  Don’t forget that ongoing support that you receive from me and my amazing team once you have received your oils.

doTERRA Essential Oils with Kristen Parlour

DONE! What happens now?

You will receive an email from doTERRA and from myself.
You will receive:-

  • A 30 minute Wellness Consult with me to help you understand how to use your oils.  Don’t worry if you don’t live locally!  We can do these via phone calls or even email!
  • Private online support via my VIP Facebook group
  • 25% off retail for 12 months – no strings!
  • The opportunity to attend classes & training on how to use oils
  • The opportunity to grow your own oily business & receive mentoring from me as well as business training
  • Upon opening your doTERRA wholesale account with me you will receive access to Droplii, a fabulous app to have oil uses at your fingertips.

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