I am SO excited for you all to have this collection n your homes to help support your children.   We all know I am passionate about helping our little people & these 6 rollers are an amazing tool for us all.

Its hard enough getting through everything as an adult & our little people have different pressures than we did as kids so lets give them all the support we can.  This is a fantastic range blended for the needs of developing healthy bodies and minds for our children.  Six unique roller blends designed to help our children be carefully taken care of, these are a great support to their well being.

Here is a snapshot on each one for you:-

  • Thinker, a slightly sweet, herbal blend for focus in the classroom & ideal for study time. This is a blend that both my children apply each morning before school.
  • Calmer helps to quiet the mind & provide a powerful environment for deep, restful sleep. Roll onto the bottoms of the feet, on the spine, or on the back of the neck to quiet the mind(& invite restful sleep.   We also find this beneficial of a morning if emotions are high!
  • Stronger, for some inner resilience & to promote wellness & vitality during the change of seasons. NOT for stronger muscles as my Miss 6 initially thought!!
  • Rescuer is a blend to support active bodies after a big day in the playground or challenging sports.
  • Steady is a beautiful grounding blend for perspective & confidence for calming & confidence. A great blend for getting the day started as they mean to continue.
  • Brave, for when they are needing support in times of change or challenge. This is also an excellent blend to add to sleep time if your little one  has a bit of an emotional block around perhaps being on their own or has some pretty vivid dreams!


We use this kit daily, I love that I can have these beautiful oils diluted safely for my kids. Now they don’t need to share they can have a set each!  Less arguments 😊

Oh & yes… adults can use them too… I do!