My eldest is my quieter child, he is an observer, a listener, he thinks before he acts.  He is also a thinker that doesn’t always communicate just what is going on in his mind.  The complete opposite to my youngest who is more of a bull at a gate type personality & definitely doesn’t think before acting!!  One of each means there is balance right?

After having a conversation with him one day when he said that sometimes he just doesn’t feel hear, I knew that I could support him emotionally with oils.  I grabbed Spearmint & Lavender.

  • Spearmint – the oil of confidence speech
    Lavender – the oil of communication & calm

The perfect combination to support him become more of a confident speaker & to feel that he can speak out without fear.    Both oils are helpful when it comes to being heard & having a confidence voice, both beneficial for communication.

We began by using both these oils each day topically.  A drop of Spearmint & a drop of Lavender in the palm with some Fractionated Coconut Oil & then massaged over the throat chakra & heart chakra.   Plus we have been continuing with these two oils to support that clear, confident speech diffusing them of a morning to set the tone of positivity & mindset before leaving the house for the day.

It now has become a part of our morning routine & to make it easier we created a roller so he can apply himself.  Just 3 drops of Spearmint & 5 of Lavender in a 10ml roller bottle topped up with Fractionated Coconut Oil.

Just another way we have incorporated these beautiful essential oils into our daily routine.

This blend is also great for adults to use before public speaking with a drop of Vetiver for a sense of grounding & calm.