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Each of the kits below includes a 12-month membership to doTERRA, you will be able to enjoy 12 months worth of purchasing doTERRA essential oils & products at wholesale prices, that’s 25% less than retail!

All orders have a $7.95 shipping charge & are delivered directly to your door.

doTERRA Family Essentials and Smart & Sassy Enrolment Kit

Family Essentials and Smart & Sassy Enrolment Kit $174

The Family Essentials Kit is a collection of ten nurturing essential oils, including six single oils and four blends. Includes 5 ml bottles of Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Oregano, Frankincense, Ice Blue®, Easy Air™, DigestZen®, and On Guard™. You also get a Smart & Sassy 15mL as part of this enrolment kit.

Home Essentials Enrolment Kit

Home Essentials Enrolment Kit $330

Including Lavender, Easy Air®, DigestZen®, On Guard®, Frankincense, Tea Tree, Lemon, Oregano, dōTERRA Peppermint and Ice Blue® (5mL) as well as a Petal Diffuser, this is the perfect kit for those of you starting out on your dōTERRA journey.

AromaTouch Pro Enrolment Kit

AromaTouch Pro Enrolment Kit $242

With this enrolment kit, you will experience a variety of essential oils that can also be used for the AromaTouch® technique. This kit contains Balance, Tea Tree, Wild Orange, On Guard®, Lavender, AromaTouch®, Peppermint (15mL), Ice Blue™ (5mL), Fractionated Coconut Oil and Wellness Advocate™ Introductory Packet & Enrolment*

Emotional Aromatherapy Enrolment Kit

Emotional Aromatherapy Enrolment Kit $310

The dōTERRA Emotional Aromatherapy System makes emotional aromatherapy easy and accessible for anyone dealing with common negative emotions. This kit contains 5 mL bottles of Motivate™, Cheer™, Passion™, Forgive™, Console™ and Peace™, a Petal Diffuser and a Wellness Advocate Introductory Packet.

Nature's Solution Enrolment Kit

Nature's Solution Enrolment Kit $635

The Nature’s Solution Enrolment Kit is made up of 15mL bottles of DigestZen, Purify, Tea Tree, Oregano, AromaTouch, Frankincense, Lavender Peace, Easy Air, Citrus Bliss, Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Smart & Sassy, Lemongrass, On Guard, Past tense (10mL), Clary Calm (10mL), Ice Blue (5mL), Ice Blue Rub, Correct-X, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Easy Air Vapour Stick, Petal Diffuser, Wooden Box, On Guard Cleansing Toothpaste, On Guard Foaming Hand Wash (with 2 dispensers), On Guard Beadlets and Introductory Packet and Enrolment.

doTERRA Design Your Own Kit

Introductory Enrolment Packet

Design your own kit by firstly selecting the Introductory Enrolment Packet for $35 & then adding individual oils to your cart.

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